Beyond Big Vote 2023
This is your chance to choose a play for us to put into production over the next year/18 months. Roughly any play written prior to 1604 is open (or any other play that we've done a First Look Exploring Session for). The winning play will get a full cast audio adaptation along with the rest of the season of plays lined up. Runners up will get additional workshop or other new content. A list of available plays can be found on our website here -
NB: This voting form is open to anyone to do, and we're interesting in finding out what the general mood of the world is re plays you'd like to see - HOWEVER there is a separate priority vote to ongoing patrons on Patreon.
Closing date for votes 3rd June 2023
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Who are you? You don't have to answer, but it is helpful to sort replies
What play do you want to hear us produce? You get three go's! Write a first, second and third choice play. A list of eligible plays can be found on our website... if you choose something ineligible, well you might get lucky.
What playwright do you want us to focus on a bit? Any playwright who was active prior to 1642 please.
What genre/playing company/area of interest, interests you? (We know, it's all very wibbly/wobbly/overlappy, but you have other if you wish...)
We have some longer term box set plans, these are projects on a scale we think we could complete in a year or so, so not too big - tick if you'd be interested in any of these collections, or add a suggestion of your own...
If that didn't do it for you, and you've a more complex request/idea - go for it!
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