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Please fill in this form to register your interest to be a Polling or Counting Agent for Progress Singapore Party in the coming General Elections. Data collected from this sign-up form will only be used for the purpose of contacting the applicants for the polling and counting agent training. Measures consistent with Singapore's PDPA requirements will be in place to safeguard the access to the collected data.
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Roles of Polling and Counting Agents
Polling Agents monitors the activities of the polling station to ensure voting procedures are carried out in accordance to the law. Due to the long polling hours, there would typically be 2 shifts of polling agents required for each polling station.

Counting Agents ensures that the vote counting process is carried out in a manner that is fair and that all votes due to the candidate is properly accounted for.

It is possible to volunteer to be a polling and counting agent at the same election. If you are able to volunteer to do both duties, we will schedule you as a 1st shift polling agent to give you some rest before you report to the counting centre to take on your duty as the counting agent.
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