The effects of psoriasis on adolescent mental health in 2018
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How severe do you consider your psoriasis
Is there a history of psoriasis in your family?
Do you feel your psoriasis prevents you from doing certain activities? e.g. socialising/sports
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Do you feel that your psoriasis bothers you on a daily basis?
If yes, please explain how?
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Do you find yourself to be self-conscious with your psoriasis?
How would you rate your mental health?
Do you feel your mental health has been challenged since you were diagnosed with psoriasis?
How do you cope/deal/handle with your anxiety, depression or stress related with your psoriasis?
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Are you able to talk openly about your psoriasis and if not why?
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If you have any concerns about your psoriasis and/or the effects it is having, please contact your GP. If you need someone to talk to, The Samaritans are available to talk to you directly on 116 123
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