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SeaDog Nights and Gypsy Carnival 2018
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Charter Members: Mundane Name- Pirate Name ( I.E. Rachel Gardner- Jamie Rae MacPhearson) *
Charter encampments and ships may pre-register their members for a $10 entry fee in exchange for volunteering 4 hours of time per person. Once you have completed your charter hours, you have the opportunity for further volunteering to earn dog pounds. To qualify your group must consist of 12 or more persons, and you must fill out the google form application and accept the agreement. The applications will be reviewed and once a decision is made we will notify you immediately. The members of each charter who receive a discount must be listed in the service agreement. An example of how the charter will work: Group A has 20 people. 20 people @ 4 hours a person = 80 hours contracted.6 people from Group A work 80 hours and 3 people from Group A work another 12 hours. This brings the total hours to 92. The excess of 12 hours will be compensated in the form of Dog Pounds to the charter group/ship/encampment account. Not individually. Dispersing dog pound individually is done via the charter representative. *
If you are a group smaller than 12 please still fill out the form if you are willing to be connected with another group smaller than 12 to work out being a charter together.
Once we receive confirmation that you have filled this out we will look it over and email you a response. Once you receive our response Please make sure your crew signs up by 5/15/18 at the following link: (The link will be available beginning 3/1/18) *
What Charter type are you signing up for? *
I understand that this agreement is for the purpose of paying a $ 10 entry fee per person listed in exchange for 4 hours of volunteer service per person listed. *
I understand that by applying to be a charter it is my responsibility as the charter representative to ensure my entire crew list is aware of how the process works and is in agreement with it. *
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