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We happily post RSE and RSE-related job openings as a service to our community. There is currently no fee associated with posting to the US-RSE job board. We encourage RSE and RSE-related posts from all organization types (e.g., academic, industry, national labs, non-profits, etc.) We expect any posted job to be open to individuals based in the United States. Non-US based postings will be considered, provided they are open to applicants from the United States.

Each post will be reviewed for applicability to the US-RSE community. Jobs are considered applicable, regardless of title, if they contain a significant amount of Research Software Engineering as a core responsibility/requirement or are sufficiently adjacent to Research Software Engineering that some Research Software Engineers would be qualified and potentially interested. US-RSE organizers and maintainers reserve the right to not post a submitted job if it is deemed inappropriate or inapplicable.

Once submitted, we will make every effort to review your submission quickly. If it is appropriate for our job board it should be posted within a few business days.

**Please fill out this form once for each unique posting.**

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