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Share your expertise with like-minded individuals seeking health, wellbeing and connection with others.  This is an opportunity to share your talents, skills, and passion!

We’ll reach out to help you choose the date(s) and time(s) during which you would like to present.  Promote yourself or, for a fee, we will help to promote your experience through Bliss Experiences and Lake Tahoe Yoga.

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Bliss Usage Options
There are a variety of options for using* our space:

1) Rent our space: $50/hour - You will be responsible for the space during the time that you are using it.  An additional $25 deposit is required to cover potential additional cleaning needs or damages.  The deposit will be returned upon completion of your contract as long as there are no damages or additional cleaning needs.

2) Percentage Split: 40% of your earnings are paid to Bliss Experiences.  You will track attendance and earnings, honestly and present payment to Bliss Experiences.  A $25 deposit is required to use the space and will be returned upon completion of your contract as long as there are no damages or additional cleaning needs.

3) Get Paid by Bliss Experiences:  Tell us your fee and we'll set the price.  We'll manage all payments and registration.  You will be paid as a contracted provider.

*All providers must carry their own insurance and add Bliss Experiences as a covered location.  Proof of insurance must be provided prior to offering your experience.

**All providers must agree to our safety and cleaning policy prior to entering our space.
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