Queer / Queer Friendly Camps 2017
How would you like to be listed on Queer Burners [dot] Com for the 2017 listing? Your entry will literally be copied right to the web site after it sets out the list in January 2017 at the beginning of ticket sales. Yes, there may be some editing. Yes, we will verify each entry. Yes... we want the power to post in your hands!

Answers to these questions are required, but you have options to choose n/a or opt out if not applicable. ALL Answers to the OPTIONAL questions at the end of the camp series will be kept confidential by Toaster.

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We look forward to an amazing 2017. The following are some optional questions: NONE of these will be public, but we may use the generally collect anonymous information in a post online in the future. ANONYMOUS
Is the Rainbow Road concept important to you?
aka Gayborhood or whatever term you use. It has been a feature for a long time. Is this something you see being an asset to Burning Man going into the future? OPTIONAL
Mario Cisneros started the Gay Pride parade about 2006 with his camp Moonbow before he passed away in 2012. Are you aware that there has been a Gay Pride Event every Friday on playa since in his memory?
Does LGBTQAI Pride resonate with Burning Man in your mind?
Memorial Day Weekend (May 2017) the ALL OF US Event will launch. Would you consider bringing your camp for a theme camp concept?
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