SWC eSchool Registration for Spring Semester 2019 for Full-Time, Hybrid, Part-Time, Home School and Supplemental Students
Thank you for your interest in the Southwest Colorado eSchool (SWCeS)!

Before beginning this application, please have email addresses for both student and parent. A school email is preferred. A Google or Gmail account is preferred in our systems but not absolutely required. SWCeS will create student email accounts for all full- and part-time students. Supplemental students will use their school email address unless an account is requested.

This form will produce an electronic document that you will receive to the student and parent email accounts entered on this form. The last page(s) of the delivered documents will require signatures to complete enrollment. Please submit these documents to the eSchool directly. eSchool mailing and fax information will be found on this form.

Thank you for your interest in the Southwest Colorado eSchool. We look forward to working with you.

Minimum Entrance Requirements for Full-time Students
The Southwest Colorado eSchool has minimum requirements for admission as the independent nature of the school design requires a student with an appropriate aptitude and home support. The following do NOT pertain to supplemental students taking one or two courses as a student in a regional school.

If a student fails to meet all of the following requirements, the SWCeS will recommend a supplemental enrollment plan for the first semester with the school as a trial period prior to enrolling full-time in the program.
(1) Failed no more than one class in the previous year of school. Transcripts must be submitted prior to acceptance,
(2) Have own computer and reliable internet access,
(3) Agree to participate in all mandated assessments,
(4) Parent must have a personal email account and track student performance, AND
(5) Complete the Introduction to Online Learning course and earn at least an 80%
(6) Attend mandatory orientations and interventions when required.

Agreement *
I understand that filling out this form is the first step of the application process. I understand the student's enrollment is dependent upon satisfying the above criteria and that all required paperwork has been submitted and reviewed by the registrar.
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