Change in GYBR Status Request
This form is for breeders and owners to change a dog's registration status from pet, limited or breeding on their paperwork.  This is a $35 fee. All our dogs require microchips unless they are changed to breeding status.

Only for breeding rights status change:

Breeding females are required to have a microchip for breeding status. Males must have proof of DNA and microchip sent to for breeding rights. This is the owners' responsibility and is required for a male for breeding status.  

Once submitted to GYBR, all documents and application information becomes the property of the GYBR registry. GYBR has the right to inspect all applications and forms submitted, and if deemed not authentic, GYBR can deny registration.

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This is for existing Fully Registered dogs only. This is not for new puppy owners.
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I understand this is for fully registered dogs only. This is just to change Owners on existing paperwork or breeding rights only. *
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Males # DNA Number for breeding dogs
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We are aware that this will be noted within the GYBR database.
The current owner listed below is aware of changes and will be emailed for permission of registration change. I (we) certify that I (we) the owners of the identified GYBR status change, and all of the representations on this application are true: and I  (we) agree to comply with the rules of the GYBR, Global Yorkshire Biewer Registry. By signing this application digitally, I (we) testify that all the data submitted in this applications is correct. I (we) understand that all information on this form becomes the property of the GYBR Registery. The GYBR will do its utmost to verify all information prior to this change. The information provided is solely the applicants's responsibility to be correct. If the GYBR Registery finds falsified records they are entitled to keep all fees paid and no pedigree or registration or changes shall be issued, if it is discovered, after registration. If any part of the application has been falsified, registration will be revoked for this dog and any of its progeny. The information provided to the GYBR Registery is confidential and for the use of the GYBR and owner/owners only. Each owner agrees GYBR Registery LLC will not be held resposible for any returns. If any owner/owners want to indemnify GYBR Regisery LLC we are not held responsible for loss of fees and its entire representative form any claim or damages whatsoever based on any inaccurate or misleading information provided at the time of registration by the listed owner(s).
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Questions and comments if there is any updates on DNA #, Microchip#, Championships in other registries etc.
Return Policy
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Unless specified, no membership fees and no GBYR form payment digital or mailed to GBYR registry are not returnable after purchase.
You have 2 days to request form refund only if you added to many items in digital cart only for forms submitted to your digital payments refund minus the surcharge fees.
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