UnboundEd Math CoP Team Registration
UnboundEd CoP into the winter and spring instead of shifting to a focus on ELA. For principals continuing or newly opting in to this CoP, please develop or expand team membership to include:

-Key teachers and leaders from your school who can consistently attend CoP sessions.
-Teachers on a leadership track or with peer influence who can turnkey session learning and help build capacity at your school.
-If possible, select teachers/leaders who have attended a Standards Institute, as it would be ideal to continue to build on the experience.

The following Math CoP schedule details session dates for the remainder of the year. These are full-day sessions from 8:30-2:30 and sessions will rotate among host schools across the SEZP.

-December 6th
-January 10th
-March 7th
-May 23rd
List all team members who will be attending, including school leaders.
List email addresses for team members who will be attending.
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