Champions of Coastal Resilience Teacher PD Application
This is the online application for teachers interested in participating in statewide online Teacher PD Course designed for teachers of grades 5-8. We will give first priority acceptance to remotely located teachers, Maui Nui and Neighbor Island Teacher, in order to meet specified targets of the NOAA BWET Funding Award supporting this program. Mahalo for your interest in this program.
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One requirement of this coarse is to visit a coastal ecosystem on your island (wetlands, dunes/beach, or cliff). Please share options you are aware of on your island. If you are unsure, please share that so we can assist in suggesting locations.
Is your school allowing school field trips this spring? (DOE schools may not allow this due to Covid at this time.)
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Another requirement for this course is for teachers to to implement a CCR Unit with their students during Q4. Please select the option that best fits your situation.
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Please describe why you believe you are a good candidate to join this program.
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Mahalo for submitting this application. We will be in touch soon. ~ The Learning Endeavors Team
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