Metis Data Science Bootcamp Application
Our new application portal recently launched giving applicants the ability to better track their status. You can apply directly on our site at Note that the portal requires a Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Android, or IE browser released in the last couple years. If you have issues loading that page, you can still apply to our bootcamp using the form below. Once you submit, a member of our admissions team will be in touch shortly!

About Metis: Our immersive program is the industry's only accredited, full-time data science bootcamp. For 12 weeks, you receive extensive in-person instruction and personalized support from our team of Senior Data Scientists and Data Scientist TAs. Receive ongoing career support and access to networking opportunities during and after the bootcamp, so you graduate qualified to obtain a data science position.
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Technical Experience: For each question, consider if you would be able to do (or figure out how to do) the following quickly provided you could look up other documentation and related materials. *
Write a program to say “hello world”
Define a function
Navigate a file system from the command line
Run jupyter and use it to write notebooks
Write a program to test if a number is prime
Write a program using Object Oriented Programming concepts like classes and objects
Modify a web page
I can calculate the mean, median, and mode of a list of numbers
I know what a random variable is
I know what a standard deviation is and how to find it
I’m familiar with Bayes’ theorem
I’m familiar with distributions like Normal, Poisson, Binomial, and Uniform
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