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By submitting this application, you are entering the pool of applicants to attend the Forum in Lublin as well as for becoming a part of the Reshape Directory. Therefore - if you wish to participate in the Reshape project on those two levels, you don't need to fill both applications, this one is enough. We will consider your application on both of those levels separately. If you get selected, you'll be contacted to confirm your engagement.

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Provide a short narrative biography (please avoid long lists of projects/exhibitions/awards), feel free to include relevant links to visual materials, but preferably not more than 5. Tell us more about your formal and non-formal education, work experience and collaborations. Describe briefly the main fields of your interest in relation to the Reshape project. Maximum input is 2000 characters (including spaces).
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Shortly describe why are you interested in this topic, have you dealt (and if yes, in what way) with mentioned topic(s), what are your skills that can contribute in Reshape Forum, would you be interested in holding a lecture/workshop, and if so - shortly describe what? Maximum input is 3000 characters (including spaces).
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Would you be able to cover a part of your travel and accommodation costs (by applying to other donors and/or sponsors)? *
We're asking you this question because we wish to make possible for as many people to take part in the Forum. If you are able to cover a part of your travel and accommodation costs yourself, remaining funds will cover someone else's cost. Have in mind that this is not a condition for applying, and if you're not able to cover any costs, Reshape project will fully cover the expense of your participation if you get selected.
I hereby give permission to the representatives of the RESHAPE project to publish following information provided here on a Reshape website: name, surname, contact, organization/project/collective, website, location, biography, image. I keep my right to demand change or correction of this info as well as to withdraw my consent at any time.
Your personal data will be kept safe. We won't share any of your data with third parties. If you wish to revise your consent, feel free to contact us on at any time.
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