PHIL005/LGIC010 Spring 2020 Waitlist
A very large number of people want to take PHIL005/LGIC010 this year. To fairly handle enrollment, we've implemented a waitlist policy. The course is currently closed, but those on the top of the waitlist in January will be given permits to enroll. Factors in determining who is admitted will include year, school, major, and other personal considerations.

Fill out the form below to be added to the waitlist for PHIL005/LGIC010 at the University of Pennsylvania in Spring 2020

Important Notes:
*If you hope to be added to the class, you must be on this waitlist by the end of the first day of classes (11:59 PM on Wednesday, January 15, 2020).
*Time of registering on the waitlist will not be a factor in ordering the list, as long as you are on the list by the end of the first day of classes.
*Being on the waitlist does NOT guarantee you a spot in the class.
*If you are on the waitlist and hope to join the class, it's recommended that you attend the lectures from the beginning.
*Waitlist members will be notified by around January 20 about whether they've been permitted into the class.
*Failure to accurately fill out this form could mean that you're not admitted to the class.
*Where it asks for your email address, please use your official Penn email address.
*This form is for undergraduates only. If you are a graduate student interested in PHIL505, please contact the professor (
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This is optional unless you answered yes to the previous question. If so, tell us why you need this class to graduate. In most other cases, no difference to the ordering will be made by what you write here. But feel free to let us things like if you are counting this class towards a major, if you need it to graduate in 2021 but have other plans for Spring 2021, etc. (Max characters 200)
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