Chilliwack Children's and Youth Choirs: Term 2 Registration Form 2018/19
Payment of registration fee is due immediately. Tuition is due within 30 days of registration.
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Permission To Publish 2018/2019 In order to publish or use any singer’s material, or material featuring singers, including photos, videos, audio recordings, etc. on our website or in our newsletter or in any promotional materials, we need explicit permission. We cannot publish student work, etc. without a release form, even under a pseudonym. All student work will be published under the child’s first name only with no personal information. I grant permission for the use of any work submitted on behalf of my child for the duration of the 2018/19 concert season. *
I understand and acknowledge the rules of Chilliwack Children’s and Youth Choirs and agree to follow them. I also understand and acknowledge that if I break these rules I will receive one warning and my parents will be notified. I recognize that further infractions will jeopardize my continued participation. *
$60 Term Tuition - Winter/Spring Term begins Thursday, January 10th and runs through the beginning of May *
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