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How often do you use the Type 2 Diabetes Knowledge Portal?
Have you used any other Portals in the Knowledge Portal Network? Check those you have used:
When you visit the T2DKP, how often do you view or use the pages and tools listed below?
Gene/region page (example: http://www.type2diabetesgenetics.org/gene/geneInfo/SLC30A8)
Variant page (example: http://www.type2diabetesgenetics.org/variantInfo/variantInfo/8_118185025_G_A)
Manhattan plot (example: http://www.type2diabetesgenetics.org/trait/traitSearch?trait=T2D&significance=0.0005)
Predicted T2D effector genes (http://www.type2diabetesgenetics.org/gene/effectorGeneTable)
Gene-level T2D associations (http://www.type2diabetesgenetics.org/trait/genePrioritization?trait=T2D&significance=0.0005)
Variant Finder (http://www.type2diabetesgenetics.org/variantSearch/variantSearchWF)
Genetic Risk Score (http://www.type2diabetesgenetics.org/grs/grsInfo)
Data page (http://www.type2diabetesgenetics.org/informational/data)
Informational pages (e.g., Policies, About, Contact)
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Somewhat faster
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Ease of navigation
Which other online scientific resources do you use regularly?
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Has access to the T2DKP or the other Knowledge Portals advanced your research? If so, in what way?
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We would appreciate your comments or suggestions on how we can improve the T2DKP: new datasets, new tools or methods, or anything else!
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