2019 Civility Awards Nomination Form
The Consensus Civility Award highlights people who have worked across differences to solve problems. Consensus' research shows that whether this happens in a civil manner depends on the people, the process, and how the problem is addressed.

Our criteria include:
• People
• Respect. Exhibits respect for others and their viewpoints, even when they disagree.
• Integrity. Builds and maintains trust, and fosters a sense of shared responsibility.
• Process
• Engagement. Motivates others to participate and engage in public life.
• Inclusiveness. Creates an open, welcoming and participatory environment.
• Problem
• Objectivity. Works from a foundation of facts when making decisions.
• Common ground. Works to remove the “us against them” barrier in addressing problems, and seeks common ground.

The nominee can be a person, organization, or event in the KC metropolitan area. Visit www.consensuskc.org/civility-award/ to see past winners and to see examples of successful essays.

If selected, the nominee will need to send us a photo.

Nomination deadline: August 15, 2019

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