Wanna DJ at YxYY005? Add yourself!
There are many opportunities to delight your fellow Yaysayers with sweet tunes. Whether it's instigating a spontaneous pool dance party, providing smooth tunes for optimal lounging & conversation, or getting booties shaking at Prom or "Wake Up & Yes!", there's a role for you! Please fill out this form. We'll reach out to you via email with further instructions and will add you to our DJ channel on Slack for communication & coordination. Rock on!

Note: No actual spinning skills necessary. Just the ability to put together a fabulous playlist and read a crowd. Also, this is a volunteer gig -- your way of giving back to the YxYY community!

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Most of the DJ slots will be day-time pool-side spinning, but there are few other opportunities too...
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Are you interested in DJ'ing at our Monday Morning send-off dance party, "Wake up & Yes!"? ~8:30am-10:30am *
Have Turntable, Will Travel
Gear! The Ace provides the following: Technics SL-1200 MK2 Turntables (CDs and turntables) (Bring your own needle - though spinning vinyl in that heat is not recommended); Pioneer CDJ 2000; Serato Mixer; 12” speakers on stands; Subwoofer; Microphone; Laptop cooling stands for pool DJs. In light of that, will you be bringing gear of your own or will that suffice?
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