GMCA Community Garage Sale: Friday & Saturday June 1-2, 2018 - 8am to 5pm
Every year, typically on the first weekend of June, GMCA supports a neighborhood garage sale. "Supports" means that GMCA encourages neighbors to hold a multi-address sale on Friday and Saturday. There are various justifications such as cutting down on traffic on the hill by combining everyone's garage sale into one sale; or reducing the abandoned signs left on posts and poles. All of this is certainly true, but the bottom line is that everyone wants to make more money and/or get rid of more stuff!

To support the neighborhood garage sale, GMCA volunteers ...
1. collate and publish the addresses and sale item lists from all sales that make a submission - the "flier"
2. publish the flier on the website
3. send the flier out a couple of times to the GMCA mail list as a means of encouraging additional submission and promoting the sale itself
4. on the eve of the sale special signs are placed at 3 entrances to the neighborhood
5. on the eve of the sale, signs are placed on telephone poles and street sign poles directing buyers to the various sales
6. on the evening of the close, all of the signs are collected.

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