SCHEMA Performance Application
During 2021-2022, SCHEMA will be organising between 10 and 15 music events!
Many of them will be free access, all ages shows at local skateparks around Brisbane and the Coasts, many others will be very focused and themed concerts or mini-festivals.

We'll be working with the Australian Skate Community Initiative, Kids Helpline, Sea Shepherd, The Alcohol and Drug Foundation, Brisbane City Council and many more awesome partners, trying to make a difference in our lives and communities. As always, we'll focus our efforts on music, art, skate, mental health and environmental action.

So, if you're a solo musician, MC, DJ, play in a punk, rock, hardcore, metal, or hip-hop, or anything you call your genre these days, fill this form out and send us your details. WE WILL BE IN TOUCH! No matter how "BIG" or "SMALL" you think your band is, as long as your message doesn't contrast ours, we're likely to get you a spot at one of our shows sooner or later.

Why do we do this? Because we believe that as musicians, the best way for us to make a difference in our lives and those of others is to network, play in front of various audiences and with various bands, as those networks (SCHEMAs) help us help ourselves and others.

So jump on board! No strings attached! Please make sure you provide all the relevant information, so that we may contact you for specifically-themed events. If you want to play shows, get on our contact list!

If you have any questions please contact us at or via our Facebook page.
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Artist/Band/Act Name: *
Name of contact person for band communication: *
Best email OR best way to contact you: *
Where are you based? (town, suburb, or general area) *
Please provide a short Bio or Description of your act: *
Number of members in your act/band and what are their roles (e.g. 5: 1xVocals, 2xGuitars, 1xBass, 1xDrums) *
Any particular/unique/non-standard equipment you require for your act? (leave blank if standard backline is sufficient)
Links to your music online (more is better, but one is fine): *
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Any other important links we should check out?
Please let us know more about the member(s) of your Band or Act by ticking any of the boxes that apply below. SCHEMA events aim to be inclusive and this info will help us ensure that we have representation for all members of our community. We respect your privacy and no information provided in this question, or the entire form, will be shared or made available to anyone outside of the organisers or used to promote the event unless it is information stated in your publicly available material eg About section on Facebook, official Bio etc. Purely statistical information may be provided to our Funding bodies or made public after events. *
SCHEMA is a registered not-for-profit organisation. As such, our means change with each show depending on available funding. We ALWAYS do everything within our power to pay all the performing acts and usually can guarantee $100 for each act/band. Is there a payment your band requires for taking part in our events? If so, what is the minimum fee for booking your band? (note: we don't judge your choices, so feel free to be honest. We are all musicians, we know the drill.) *
If you are interested in your band / act / yourself taking part in SCHEMA as a core member/volunteer, please say why and how you can help, and we'll consider inviting you. Currently there are over 5 bands that we consider "SCHEMA bands" who take part in the organisation and planning of events and activities, but also get priority in our events.
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