Doo Your Doody - Pick Up Poopy and Crappiest Dog Photo Contest
There are 90,000 registered dogs in Cuyahoga County alone. A dog poops an average of two times a day. That is 45 TONS of dog poop a day. Holy crap! Dog waste left on the ground is not only gross, it is a hazard to our environment. Dog waste contains bacteria and parasites that when it rains or snow melts can run off into our waterways. By the way, it's also illegal to leave your pup's poo for all to enjoy. No dog wants an owner with a record. Keep your dog on the straight and narrow and doo your doody - pick up the poopy.

If you are entering your dog in the contest, be sure to tell us about your dog's weird poop behaviors on this form and email a photo of your dog doing their weird poop behavior to

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