2020/2021 PTO Executive Board Ballot
Thank you in advance for casting your vote for next year's Amesbury PTO board! Each member of the AES and CES community may cast one ballot per person. Please choose one option for each role. Voting will close on Sunday, June 14.
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Information about the candidates:
Leslie Barnaby [Running for CES Member at Large]
I would love to offer support and my time to our valued PTO. As the Ed Relations Liaison, CES Facebook Administrator, and long time teacher, I would welcome the opportunity to advocate for all things Cashman and Amesbury Elementary. Not living in the community, I feel this will provide me with an opportunity to make meaningful connections with the parents and community. I am outgoing, a strong advocate for all students, and a committed specialist who works tirelessly to integrate lessons with all grade levels and teams. I have a good working relationship with my principal, building coordinator, and office staff. We face a challenging year, but I am one to believe that when things are at their worse, we are at our best.

Kate Bouffard [Running for Secretary]
As a mother of two boys, I am passionate about education and believe it truly takes a village to raise a child. The PTO has the influence to create a solid village for the children of Amesbury schools. In addition to being a mother, I hold a Master of Science Degree in Human Resource Management and work at a global pharmaceutical company. Everyday at work, I use my solid verbal and written communication skills that will transfer over well to the secretary position. My other skills that will transfer over well include a keen attention to detail, organizational skills within an orderly mind, and the ability to bring objectivity to the team.

Lisa Cassidy [Running for President]
Originally starting with the Amesbury PTA back in 2006. I started by organizing vacation events for families during December, February and April vacation. Various events such as pool parties movies, roller skating and etc. I have volunteered for numerous events. Ice Cream Social, Family Fun Fair, Teacher Appreciation Luncheon for both AES & CES for both PTA and PTO, Co organized the Boys Dance, Square One Art pick up nights, Polar Express movie night, also helped organize the annual membership registration. Have been PTO President for Cashman school for the 2019/2020 school year as well as on the Cashman school council from 09/17-09/20.
I work as the school crossing gaurd for the Cashman Elementary School and Amesbury Middle School as well as manager of a store. I worked at Amesbury Elementary School from 2006-2010 as a monitor. My daughter is currently in 2nd grade at Cashman Elementary School and my son was a student from kindergarten-4th grade at Amesbury Elementary School. I have good knowledge of both schools from experience of working and children attending there. I was President of the condo association at The Pointe Condominiums in Amesbury. In which I was I charge of a $300,000 budget, reviewing contracts, meeting contractors, in charge of projects, in charge of meetings & agendas. As the Cashman President I would create meetings,agendas, communicate information to secretaries at both schools for polys, meet with principals, distribute mail when necessary and communicate with organizers to see if they needed any assistance.

Julie Rotar [Running for President]
I am running for PTO president to continue developing greater communal support for our students at both AES and CES schools. As a Mom of a soon-to-be 3rd grade student and a person who also grew up in Amesbury attending all the schools (including Horace Mann - and yes, that makes me old!), the love I have for our community runs very deep and very proud. My goal as president is to ensure that the organization and its actions reflect student advocacy, and to the best of our abilities strive toward securing the tools and supports required to foster a positive foundation for life-long learning and community building. The invaluable experience gained from serving in the role of Secretary on the PTO has equipped me with insights that will only benefit future decision making as the organization continues to evolve. Additionally, it's worth noting that in the "day job" section of my life, I am the VP of Marketing for a Microsoft Consultancy where I am responsible for making executive decisions, lead teams on communication and sales initiatives, work with outside vendors and channel partners, and steer strategic business decisions and budget management. I look forward to supporting our Amesbury students in the 2020/2021 school year and beyond!

Leah Sullo [Running for Treasurer]
I have been a member of the PTO for the last two years and would love the opportunity to be more involved. The Treasurer position would be a great fit for me as I am currently a manager at the Department of Revenue and have experience in budgeting, forecasting, and reporting. I have a child in the first grade and another excited to start kindergarten in the fall!

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