ABCD Pediatrics Patient Satisfaction Survey
Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey on the quality of service you received before and during your visit. Your answers will be kept confidential.
Front desk reception and check-out staff were courteous, compassionate, and helpful
Nursing staff were courteous, compassionate, and helpful
Promptness of phone call-back from doctor OR nurse during office hours
Promptness of phone call-back from on-call doctor after hours
The ease of your call being answered by a staff person when you called for an appointment or other service
Satisfaction with the length of time between the day the appointment was made and the day of the visit
Overall satisfaction with your wait time from time of arrival until seen by a doctor
Overall satisfaction with the amount of time the doctor spent with you
Satisfaction with your doctor’s care and communication with you regarding your child’s medical condition
Overall confidence in our ability to manage your child’s health or condition
Confidence in your doctor to refer you to a specialist if necessary
Likelihood of recommending this practice to others
Overall satisfaction with your most recent visit
Convenience of office hours
Overall satisfaction with your child’s specialty visit that we referred you to
If your child was seen by a specialist, please list the provider name and clinic:
Your answer
Overall satisfaction with your use of community resources provided by the practice (i.e. breastfeeding, asthma education, parenting, internet safety, parent decision making aids, weight management obtaining discount prescription medications).
Which location were you seen?
Which provider did you see?
Please provide any additional comments or suggestions to allow us to assist you better.
Your answer
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