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December 2019 - Terremoto Tempranillo, Spain - $160
The Tempranillo grape’s thick skin gives the wine a deep ruby colour and moderate tannins. Medium-bodied and savoury, Terremoto Tempranillo has flavours of cherry, dried fig and cedar, with hints of leather and spices.

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Terremoto Tempranillo
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January 2020 - Pecorino Pinot Grigio, Italy - $160
Pinot Grigio was originally established as Pinot Gris in Burgundy and although most famous in Alsace, France, made its way to Switzerland in the 1300s and eventually to Northern Italy where Pinot Grigio was born. Today it is Italy’s most popular grape. Pecorino has a bit of a different history; thought to be extinct in the mid 20th century, it was rediscovered in the 1980s by a local producer who then took cuttings and propagated them resulting in this grape’s resurgence.

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Pecorino Pinot Grigio
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February 2020 - Pacific Quartet Red - $160
For our 30th anniversary, we’ve decided to put a spin on one of Winexpert’s most popular Limited Releases ever, introducing Pacific Quartet Red! We’ve selected the most revered red varietals from the same regions that are featured in Pacific Quartet. Blending California Cab, Chilean Malbec, Australian Shiraz and Washington Merlot and created the most delectable, full bodied wine.

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Pacific Quartet Red
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March 2020 - YOLO White, California - $160
Fruit-forward and slightly off-dry, the palate on this wine is inviting and well-balanced. The Chardonnay contributes vibrant green apple and melon flavours. The floral aromatics come from the Muscat, and the Chenin Blanc completes the wine with citrus flavours and high acidity.

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YOLO White
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April 2020 - Cape Blend with grape skins, South Africa - $170
This exciting combination of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinotage, and Grenache creates a wine that is truly outstanding and worthy of being a part of the 30th anniversary of LE! The dark berry flavours from the Cabernet Sauvignon balance nicely with the forward spiciness from the Shiraz. Pinotage, which is a grape varietal that is unique to South Africa, provides strong tannins and smoky, earthy characteristics while the Grenache contributes aromas of leather and licorice. Together, these elements offer a complex, full bodied wine that pairs well with roasted meats seasoned with marinades or savoury herbs and aged hard cheeses.

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Cape Blend
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