Online APPLICATION for Andrew Bell's ESL Classes
You are applying for a FREE English class that meets 5 days a week, Monday-Friday in the day time. We have 2 great teachers, Andy and Marc, at Hartley House which is near Times Square. Andy's advanced classes use history, current events,and technology to help students improve their listening and speaking. Marc has a creative focus in his high intermediate/advanced ESL class that uses art appreciation to help students improve their English. Classes begin in September 2017 finish on June 2018.
1) What is your name? (Last name, First name) Example: Jobs, Steve *
Please use two names only. Give your LAST (family) name first, and then write your FIRST name. Please write the name that you want people to call you in the class. Write ONE last name and then write ONE first name separated by a comma.
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2) What is an email address that you check frequently? (best is Gmail) *
A Gmail address is preferred for the class and will later be required if you do not have one now.
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3) What is your date of birth? (mm/dd/yr) Use slashes / / to separate mm/dd/yr *
Please write the month, then day, and then year (So please write 02/15/81 for February 15, 1981). We need to know that you are 21 years or older. Please use slashes //. Please do NOT use dots like this: 2.15.81. Also please do NOT use dashes like this: 2-15-81. Please REMEMBER you were NOT born in 2016!
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4) What is your mobile phone number here in the USA? *
Enter numbers in this format: 212-555-5555 (with dashes after area code and first 3 numbers)
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5) I certify that I am completing this application by myself in English without any friends or family translating it for me. *
If you cannot understand this application alone, then our advanced classes are too hard for you. We do not offer beginners classes.
6) What kind of phone do you have? (Please list manufacturer, phone model, and service provider in the USA) *
An iPhone 4s or later is preferred for the class, but not required. We sometimes use mobile devices for work in the class.
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7) What kind of data plan do you have for your phone in the USA? (How many GB per month, etc) *
We currently do not have regular WIFI consistently available in the class and it is helpful if you have a data plan...but not required.
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8) What kind of texting plan for your phone do you have in the USA? *
There are some services we can use for the class where students can text their answers if they do not have a data plan. If you have no texting plan with your phone, say "none".
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9) Please check what you use to access the Internet in NYC (check all that apply) *
It is helpful for your progress in English if you have regular access to the Internet in order to do your homework and to prepare for, and review, the lessons.
10) What is your first language? *
It is helpful to your progress to have a variety of first language speakers in the class. That is, you will learn faster if there is greater diversity in the class.
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11) What other languages do you speak fluently? Please list. *
It is helpful to balance the speakers of different languages in the class to promote diversity.
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12) One scale of 1 to 10 how much do you want to improve your listening skills? *
13) One scale of 1 to 10 how much do you want to improve your speaking in English? *
14) One scale of 1 to 10 how much do you want to improve your self-confidence in English? *
15) How interested are you in using history to improve your English? (This is for Andy's Advanced classes) *
Andy doesn't think history has to be boring! He uses history to teach about patterns and connect ideas and then talk about it… he is not focused on memorizing dates. We use history to get ideas to help our conversation. We try to learn about the past to discuss and better understand the present and prepare for the future. Change is coming fast in the world...
16) Which class do you prefer? *
You must agree to attend at least 3 months minimum stay. However classes run from January 2014 to June 2014 and you may stay the whole term if you are able to. Choose the AM (morning) or PM (afternoon) class as you prefer. People will NOT be accepted to both morning and afternoon, but by applying for both morning and afternoon you increase your chances of being accepted to one of them. Andy's AM class is currently full and so is not available. Check back in February if you want that class which meets from 8:30 to 12 PM M-F. NOTE: AM CLASS NOW FULL AND CLOSED.
17) Which class is your second choice? *
We try to give every student their first choice. But sometimes that's not possible because classes fill up quickly. Please list a second choice to increase your chances of getting a class.
18) I understand I must attend at least 80 percent of the classes in a month and that I cannot be late more than 15 minutes to class or I will be absent that day. *
Although the classes are free, you are expected to take them seriously. Please find another class if you will not come regularly. We have several vacations; please see the school calendar later to arrange your schedule around our days off.
19) What is your expected date to leave the class? *
On approximately what date will you live the class go you guess? Minimum stay should be 3 months in the class.
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20) You must have a NYC address (Any of the 5 boros such as Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, etc) to apply for my classes. Do you have a NYC address? *
We cannot accept people with New Jersey addresses. You must have a NYC address when you come in to be evaluated for my classes.
21) How did you find out about the classes? *
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22) Did a friend tell you about the classes? If so, what is his or her name? *
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23) If you found information about the classes through a web site, message board, online forum etc, please list the URL (web site address) here: *
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24) Please tell me something about yourself. Write a minimum of 50 and a maximum of 100 words. (Hobbies? Job? Dreams? Plans?...) *
Who are you? What do you do? What did you study before in school or college? What are your hobbies/interests? Why do you want to improve your English? (Please write this yourself without any help). Answering this question helps me to understand how you might fit in my classes and whether this class can help you.
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26) Will you be attending another school during the period that you be in our classes, such as another ESL program, college, etc? *
I want to know if you will have any schedule conflicts or if you will be too busy to attend my class. Every year some people try to go to college and my class at the same time and it almost NEVER works out and the students quit...please think carefully how much time you have. My classes meet almost 20 hours a week and although my day classes are FREE, I am strict about attendance. it is NOT all right to be absent when you get busy in another school/college.
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27) Are you working now? If so, please write your work schedule. *
I want to know if your work schedule will interfere with the class schedule. The class is almost 20 hours a week which is a serious commitment. And students are expected to arrive on time and not leave early.
Your answer
28) I understand and agree that parts of the classes may be video recorded or photographed and that I might appear in the videos or photos and that these might appear online on youtube channel or blogs or other social media for educational and promotional purposes *
We will be making many kinds of projects in the classes and some will involve video and photographs. In addition, parts of the classes might be recorded to let people know about what we do in our classes.
29) We will usually contact all applicants within 2 weeks to either schedule an appointment or to let you know that you will be on the waiting list. If you do NOT hear from us, please make sure your check your spam filter. You can also email Andy directly at: andy.nycesl "at" (substitute "at" with @). PS: after you click "submit" you will be given one more chance to edit your responses if you need to make any changes. *
Classes will begin in September 2017 and continue through June 2018.
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