Gaelcon 2019 RPG & LARP submission
It's Gaelcon 2019! If you would like to thrill our attendees with an amazing game, please submit it here. If you have any questions, please email us at
Applications close on July 20th, so please let us know about your awesome game sooner, rather than later!
Gaelcon this year is IN SPAAAAAAAACE! If you've got specifically sci-fi or a 'changing times' games in mind, we'd love to see it.
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We can't call everyone "Hey, you!"
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What genre is your game? Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Comedic? Maybe a mix of a few? *
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How many players is your game for? *
RPGs are usually 5 or 6. If your LARP has a range (12-18 for example) let us know.
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Does you game have special requirements? A particular type of room, an overhead projector etc?
We can't promise to provide you with absolutely everything and anything, but if there's something you need for the game, we'll do our level best to try and make it happen.
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Can you write clear GM notes for others to run your game? *
We need to be able to hand off the game to other people if you aren't able to get extra GM's or lots of people want to play. It's important we can give them everything they need to make sure people have a good time playing your game.
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Have you convinced one or more friends to volunteer to GM your game? Is so, who are they?
We'll provide GMs for RPGs, but if you want to bring/clone/grow your own, that's encouraged. Please tell us if you do not wish for your game to be run by any other GMs.
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Do you have a preferred day/time that your game will run? *
Everyone can't be scheduled for Saturday afternoon, but we'll do our best to accommodate requests.
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