2020 ACPE Member Session Proposal
Help make the 2020 ACPE Conference our best conference yet!
Call for Proposals
The ACPE Board is requesting session proposals for the May 2020 annual conference scheduled for May 6-8, 2020 at Mt Hood Oregon Resort in Welches OR. This form is for ACPE members or those who are employed by an educational institution and plan on attending the conference. Those proposals that do not meet this requirement will not be considered including any ACPE sponsor or vendor proposals.

Foundational to our success in developing a truly great conference program is your involvement as ACPE members: peers sharing their great knowledge, expertise, and skills. ACPE is focused on IT professionals connecting, sharing and collaborating.

We encourage our members to propose a topic in one or more of the formats below:

• Regular one-hour and fifteen-minute session
• An hour and forty-five Minute Power Session or Workshop
• A panel of my peers on a topic of interest
- A topic for group discussion you are willing to participate in as a panel member
• ThinkTanks
- A topic for just in time learning for group discussion you are willing to participate in and help moderate.

Feel free to make multiple submissions if you have more than one idea to propose.
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Type of proposal. *
Multiple selections allowed. Select "Other" if you have an out of the box idea for the conference.
Identify those who you know will be speaking as a part of this workshop, session, or panel. For Think Tank proposals, you only need to include yourself. *
Keep in mind everyone presenting must have paid a conference registration before the program is finalized on April 1. Also, if you include any vendor as a named contributor, that vendor must be a 2020 ACPE Sponsor and the session, if selected, would likely be placed on Wednesday, our Sponsor Partner Session day.
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Title for the session, panel, or topic *
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Description of the session, panel, or topic for publication *
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The primary audience for this workshop, session, panel, or Think Tank. *
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Anything else we need to know about your proposal or questions you may have?
This is optional. Also let us know if you need to be scheduled on a specific day of the conference or have a preferred time.
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Timeline for Review
The first consideration of the proposals submitted will begin on December 1. Initial selections and confirmations for our published schedule will be made by the Board by the third week in January.

This form remain open until March 1. The Board consideration for the conference program will continue through March 15. The final conference program will be completed and published on April 1.

Any questions can be directed to jb@acpenw.org.
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