Transcript Request Form
When you submit this form, your official high school transcript will be sent to the address or email address you provide within 2-3 business days. Paper copies of the transcript request form are available in the high school office.
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Who is it going to? (please list the name of the college, business, scholarship committee, organization, etc, or put "self" if you would like the transcript given to you directly) *
NOTE: If you would like your transcript sent to multiple colleges or organizations, please fill out a separate request for each. Thank you! Transcripts given directly to students will be signed and placed in a sealed envelope labeled "official transcript." Many students use this option to include transcripts with scholarship applications.                                            
Where is it going? (please list the email address or mailing address for the college, business, scholarship committee, organization, etc.) *
NOTE: Most colleges list their address and email address on their website, usually under their contact information for their office of admissions. You can also call the office of admissions for this information if the website does not clearly provide what you are looking for. It is your responsibility to make sure this is an accurate email or address to ensure the proper and timely fulfillment of your request.
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By electronically signing your name, you are giving Miller High School permission to send your official high school transcript (as of the date requested) to the email or mailing address listed above.
Parent/Guardian Electronic Signature (if student is under 18 years old)
If a student is under 18 years old, a parent/guardian must provide an electronic signature before Miller High School can send the transcript to the email or address listed above.
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