Pelada FA Financial Aid Application
Pelada Academy is committed to making our programs available to families who cannot afford the full cost. A limited number of aid packages are given each year in the form of fee reductions and waivers, awarded on the basis of greatest need. We will do our best to make Pelada FA accessible and affordable to you.
Players must be registered for qualifying programs for this application to be considered. You are encouraged to defer payment until after award decisions have been announced (chose pay by check during program registration).
Player Information
Player's FIRST Name *
Enter participant's FIRST name as it appears on his or her birth certificate. No nick-names, please.
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Player's LAST Name *
Enter participant's LAST name as it appears on his or her birth certificate.
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Household Information
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Household Size *
Total number of adults and children in your houshold
Number of household players participating in Pelada FA programs *
Financial Information
When disclosing income, please use the most current information available.
Statement of Need *
Please share a brief account of your reasons for requesting financial aid.
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Combined Annual Household Income *
Please use the combined ANNUAL income of both parents listed above.
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Additional Income (i.e. Unemployment, Child Support, School Financial Aid, etc) *
Please disclose your household's total ANNUAL income from these additional sources.
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Any recent changes in household income? *
Please let us know about any recent significant changes to your household finances that may not be reflected in the above disclosures.
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Does your family qualify for any of the following programs? *
If so, please send us a copy of the official letter(s) stating your eligibilty.
Supporting documents must be mailed or emailed to Pelada FA to complete your application.
What documentation will you be providing? *
Please email supporting documents to our Registrar at or mail them to Pelada Football Academy, 1430 Willamette St. #337, Eugene, OR 97401.
Privacy Disclosure
I understand that any and all financial information disclosed herein will be used only by the administrative staff of Pelada Football Academy to determine the applicant's eligibility for receiving financial assistance. *
Review & Submit Form: please verify that all information is correct before clicking the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page. A confirmation of your completed application will appear once this form has been submitted.
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