The Kindness Project Volunteer Application
The Kindness Project (TKP) is a volunteer-driven nonprofit dedicated to serving children in foster care. As we continue to grow, we are seeking qualified, honest volunteers to join our team. Please complete and submit this form if you are interested in becoming part of the TKP Team.

We do not offer monetary compensation for our volunteers' time, but the rewards of knowing we are helping children who are in tough situations makes every minute well-worth it! We DO require copies of current PA Clearances for all volunteers.

Volunteers must be 18 or older. OR teens can join a qualified parent volunteer if they are 16 or older and wish to help at The Exchange Shop. 

Unfortunately, we can not allow younger children to 'work' at the shop during open hours due to the sensitive nature of our service. Thanks for understanding!
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Do you have all 3 PA Clearances (PA Criminal History, Child Abuse, FBI Fingerprinting)? If not, are you willing/able to obtain them? *
What availability do you have to help us at The Exchange located in Emmaus? Check all that apply. *
Are you currently employed?  *
What do you do as a profession / for work? Does it relate to foster care? (It's ok if it doesn't!) *
Do you have any association with the foster care community?  Please explain. (You are a foster parent, were a foster/adopted child yourself, work for a foster care agency, etc.) *
Tell us WHY you are interested in becoming part of the TKP Volunteer Team. What do you feel you could contribute (skills, ideas, etc.)? *
Do you have a teenager in your family (16+ years old) who is interested in helping you at The Exchange? *
In what other ways would you like to help? Check all that apply. *
Let us know if you have any other questions or thoughts about how you can get involved! Thanks!
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