Changed by Campaigning
Charities have a proud role in mobilising public pressure for a good society and a safe planet.

Charities have successfully campaigned to protect public health from smoking; to protect the UK’s finest wildlife; to maintain liberties and freedoms; to achieving greater equality for women, and for lesbian and gay people; to enabling the UK to show global leadership on issues such as climate change or tackling disease.

Many charities have a long histories of campaigning for change, but while the stories and examples of successful change brought about campaigning are passed down within organisations, the stories of individual charities they aren’t collated together in one place.

Changed by Campaigning aims to change that.

We're trying to collect together in one places a list of issues that have been Changed by Campaigning over the last 100 years. We'll use the examples to help make the case for why charities should continue to have the freedom and space to campaign.

Can you help us by adding any examples from your organisation or work of issues that have been Changed by Campaigning?
What was the campaign?
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What was the changed achieved?
Can you provide us with a summary of what changed as a result of the campaigning? What was the win you achieved?
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Why do you think the campaign was successful?
Can you provide us with your reflections on what made the campaign have an impact?
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Who was the key target for the campaign?
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What has the impact been?
Do you have any evidence of the long term impact of the campaign?
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What organisations were involved in the campaign?
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Do you have links to any more information about the campaign?
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Who should we contact if we want to find out more?
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For more information about the project please get in touch with Tom Baker (
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