Alaska Weather Spotter Training Quiz
Please complete and submit the following short quiz in order to finish your Alaska weather spotter training. Once you finish the quiz with a score of 80% or higher, you will receive an email confirming your completion of the Alaska weather spotter training within a few days.
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What is a National Weather Service Weather Spotter? *
TRUE or FALSE? Weather spotters are required to obey all federal, state, and local laws and should never put themselves in harm's way to obtain a report. *
Which of the following should you report to your local office? *
What is the best way to take a snow measurement if you do not have a snow board? *
When should you report flooding? *
TRUE or FALSE? Lightning should be reported to the NWS. *
What is the best way to differentiate a tornado from a smoke plume? *
TRUE or FALSE? You can submit a weather report online or by phone. *
Check your local NWS Office that you will submit your reports to *
What is the phone number of your local office to call in reports? *
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What email should we send your Alaska weather spotter training completion certificate to? *
The email address will only be used to send the certificate and notify you of your training completion or to notify you if the quiz must be retaken in order to obtain the minimum score.
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