26 and Not Counting Reader Survey
What types of gifts do you plan to shop for this holiday season? (Or who will you be shopping for?) Are there any specific gift guides you'd like me to put together?
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Will you be shopping for any men in your life?
Which retailers do you frequently shop at? (Nordstrom, Shopbop, Target, Amazon, etc.)
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In general, are you interested in hearing about sales? Or finding out when products I own/have shared before go on sale?
If you answered yes to the question above, where would you like me to share the sales?
When it comes to clothing and shoes, how much do you typically spend in a month?
In terms of shopping, which category do you fall in?
Are you interested in me sharing any of the following?
How often do you read 26 and Not Counting?
How do you find out when a new post is live on 26andnotcounting.com?
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What social media platforms are you following 26 and Not Counting on?
What city and state do you live in?
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How old are you?
Disclaimer: this survey is anonymous
Are you a blogger?
What else? I'd love to hear how you think I can make 26 and Not Counting better (and don't worry, I'm all about constructive criticism) or what you think is really working around these parts. This is also the place you can share what other types of posts you're interested in seeing! (Health/Fitness/Wellness, Beauty, Chicago spots, etc.) Feel free to get as specific as you'd like. Thanks for sticking with me!
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