Take the 2020 Green Party Pledge, and help us replace Susan Collins, using Ranked Choice Voting!
In order to get a Green-Independent Party candidate on the ballot to run against Susan Collins for US Senate in 2020, we need more than 2,000 committed Greens to sign up for the Green Party Pledge. As a party, we don't accept corporate contributions, which means our candidate will be a candidate for the people of Maine. With your help, we will finally get the representation we deserve.
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What taking the Green Party Pledge means...
As we get close to 2020, the Maine Green Independent Party will send out an email to let you know about an upcoming meeting in your county, to fulfill the Green Party Pledge (we might follow up with a phone call/text to make sure your got the email). The meeting will be a time to meet the Maine Green Party candidate(s) for US Senate, connect with other Greens in your area, and have some fun. This is grassroots democracy at its finest.

Taking the Green Party Pledge is making a commitment to sign ballot access signatures for Green Party candidates, so Greens can be part of the 2020 Elections. With Ranked Choice Voting, we can make a difference in this election!
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Answering this question with either option does not immediately affect your current voter registration. Registering as a Green can occur anytime before our meeting at your town office, or at the meeting after you've met the candidates. For your pledge to count towards our signature threshold, you must be a registered as a Green/Independent when you sign.
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