RC-Logos Order Placement Formulary & Relevant Ordering Information
This page contains all the relevant information regarding the service provided by RC-Logos.com; it's also where you place your order and give us all the relevant information for your RC-Logo.

Please, read carefully all the terms regarding the service and fill the required fields to succesfully place your order :)

We'll be contacting you as soon as possible so you can participate in the process!

Delivery Time
The completion time for your RC-Logo is from 1.5 to 2 weeks.
Products delivery, what will you get?
With your normal order, (for 89usd) you'll be getting:

· The original sketch of your drawing in a 1080x1080px .PNG file.
· Your full color, full awesomeness RC-Logo on a transparent background 4500x4500px .PNG file.
· Up to two revision rounds on your final RC-Logo (More revisions or sudden complete changes over finalized artwork will generate extra fees)
· The source vector file of your RC-Logo on a .Ai, .PDF, .EPS and .SVG format

As an extra product, if you need it or want it, for an extra 15usd you can get:

· A 30 to 60 seconds TimeLapse video of your logo ellaboration process.

The whole basic package has a cost of: 89USD

To start the process and complete the placement of yout order we require you to do the correspondent payment, it can be done following this link: https://goo.gl/A9a6MC

For legal purposes and as document that corroborates your order; you'll be receiving a digital invoice correspondent to your order.
Copyright information
With this payment, you're adquiring complete rights of commercialization and use over your resultant RC-Logo.

RC-Logo.com, Manbe.me and other RC-Logo.com associated artists and crew members retain exhibition rights over the client comissioned final artwork of the RC-Logo and "work in progress" related material on any media including: Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, among any other adequate; printed media such as books, magazines pamphlets, posters or any other adequate; mass media such as television or any other adequate; and any other viable media for promotional / exhibition purposes without generating any kind of revenue by consequence of the direct sale or licensing of any client commissioned RC-Logo.

Legal Disclaim, General Terms and Conditions, Cancellation Policy and Privacy Policy
All legal information, conditions and terms related to the RC-Logo.com service can be found at the following link: https://goo.gl/VFmQ7H
Finished RC-Logos Examples
Order information
Please fill the following fields to provide us all the needed information for your RC-Logo.

We appreciate your clear instructions, directions, information and references; this benefits you by allowing us to share your vision, ideas and expectations; therefore, giving you a better service :)

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Please, describe your idea for your RC-Logo; be as specific as possible. You can even mention specific gear and gadgets for us to include on it! For example: If you want your RC-Logo to be a cartoon of you, what clothes are you wearing on it? wich color are they? Do you want a particular animal or object on your logo? Wich one? Wich color? Stuff like that. *
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If you think that we need further references; leave us a link to an image or a web page that will help us visualize what you want. If you want your RC-Logo to include a cartoon of you; please leave us a link to a picture of yourself as reference :)
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Do you want the extra time-lapse video? *
Remember: to complete your order, please make your payment
If you haven't already, please make your payment to complete your order using the following link: https://goo.gl/A9a6MC
Final Disclaim
By pressing "SEND", making your payment and answering "yes" to the three options below, you confirm that you have read and agree wwith all the information displayed on this page and all the terms and conditions stablished by RC-Logos.com regarding the RC-Logos ellaboration service.

We thank your for your trust and creative ideas, we're sure we can do something awesome together!

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