ISBR Adoption Application
ISBR Adoption Application
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Are you aware that vet bills for routine care of a dog may cost between $100 and $500 or more per year? *
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Have you ever obedience trained a dog? *
Explain what training methods and collars you prefer: *
Do you realize that Saints shed profusely (especially during the summer months), often drool or slobber, and are prone to hip problems? *
Are you aware that when you adopt a Saint, you are taking on the responsibility for its lifetime, which may be up to 14 years? *
What specifics are you looking for in a dog? *
Have you owned a Saint Bernard or other giant breed before? *
What happened to the dog? *
How or where have you learned about this breed? *
Coat length preference: *
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If you have chosen a particular dog, would you be willing to take another if your chosen dog has a medical or other problem that would prohibit its adoption at this time? *
If you have chosen a particular dog, please tell us which one and where it is located (state): *
Are you aware that Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation, INC. requests an adoption fee for each adoption, to help cover expenses incurred in readying dogs for adoption? *
Are you prepared to pay this fee? *
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