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Brief Presentation Description – Ideal for Upper Elementary and Middle School.
BYOD-During this hands on workshop participants will work through the three Game Design Principles. After working through several gaming concepts. Participants will walk out with a game that you have built and can start using in your classroom right away.

Concepts we will cover:
-Create and write event handlers
-@onkey, @detroy, @collide
-Creating parameters
-If statements
-Adding sounds and loops
-Create an animation using a sprite sheet
-“addAnimation”, “startAnimation”
-Create unique versions of the classic game ‘Frogger’
-Learn to control touch interface with the @onswipe event handler
-Coding Components “onKey”, “step”, “if”, “setRotation”, “loop
-Determine- position, speed, and direction

Skill Sets Students will acquire:

-Universal Coding concepts such as using variables, loops, arrays, indexes, conditions, functions writing event handlers
and more.
-Real text-based coding languages - CoffeeScript and Python
-Problem-solving skills
-Analytical thinking
-Generalization and abstraction of problems
-Finding the similarities and differences between problems
-Recognizing patterns
-Object-oriented thinking
-Independent working skills
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