Pre Masterclass Questionnaire
Thank for participating in this masterclass. We are looking forward to meeting and helping you become a ‘stronger and wiser entrepreneur’. To make sure that you get most from the course we wanted to take the time to find out a bit about you before the event. Please complete this short questionnaire.
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What do you think is holding you back from being an even more successful entrepreneur? *
Some of the seminar will cover how and why businesses fail. Please explain any fears or experience of business failure that you might have : *
How do you feel about your ability to protect your business from failure ?
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How do you feel about handling difficult business situations (such as negotiating with suppliers or business partners) ? *
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Which pop song best describes how you feel about the future. Please state the song and artist/band *
Final Question, for office use only : Due you have any health issues that we may need to be aware of to ensure you get the best form the masterclass ? *
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