Delegate Registration
If your student group wants permanent representation at Campus Council, please register your Delegate here! Delegates are non-voting members of Campus Council

The Constitution contains this language regarding Delegates:



A. Any member of the student body who is not a Senator or Cabinet Member will be eligible to
be a delegate.

B. Delegates will represent student organizations who wish to have a member regularly present
at Campus Council meetings.

1. Cabinet shall be responsible for reaching out to student organizations to determine
which ones would like a delegate to sit on Campus Council.

2. Each student organization who elects to send a delegate to Campus Council will
select a member from said organization to act as the delegate.

a. Student organizations may select substitutes for the delegate if the delegate
is unable to attend a Campus Council meeting.
b. Only one delegate per student organization will be permitted at each
Campus Council.

3. Cabinet will present delegates to Campus Council at the first meeting of Campus
Council each semester.
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