Austin Physical Artisan Mercado Interest Survey
This survey seeks to document your interest in participating in a physical Artisan Mercado, a project being considered by City of Austin and the Austin Economic Development Corporation to be located in downtown Austin. Athena Silversmith, the 5-year, pop-up Artisan Mercado organizer in downtown Austin, is proposing this project and wants your feedback as a possible participant as a vendor, restaurateur or corporate sponsor.

The physical Artisan Mercado would add to the cultural tourism in downtown Austin and give participants exposure to international and national tourists as well as the Austin community.  If approved, the Artisan Mercado would be built in 2023 and funding will come from the City of Austin Creative Space Bond as well as from a small investment from participating artists, artisans, restaurateurs, community groups and corporate sponsors.

The Artisan Mercado will house around 30 vendors who create and sell their art and arts and crafts from Mexico and Latin America to the public. Participants will pay rents between 50 or 75% below market costs and will be able to share facilities. In addition to the marketplace, we are proposing an outdoor plaza, an administration office, 5 mini restaurants with a food court with seating area for 50 persons, and a multi-purpose room for events, workshop demonstrations and art exhibits with a stage for musical performances and seating for 100. See diagram.

Please fill out this brief survey by Jan. 28, 2022 to document your interest in the project. We will include this information in our application. Thank you for your time.  
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1. Please select the category that best fits you or your organization.
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2. What is your interest in the Brick and Mortar Artisan Mercado? Select all that apply. *
3. As a Artisan Mercado participant, would you be willing to pay a low initial investment ($1000 vendors/restaurateur/arts and non-profit organizations; $3000 corporate sponsors) that will be reimbursed if you leave the project?
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4. What art or arts and crafts/ type of restaurant/business/activity do you propose and how will it fit in with an Artisan Mercado? Write N/A if this does not apply. *
5. Are you interested in renting an affordable work space or restaurant? *
6. Are you interested in having a permanent place where you can sell your products or food or conduct business? *
7. If you rent a work space, what days of the week would you operate? *
8. If you sell to the public, what days of the week would you be open? *
9. Which store/workshop/restaurant option best suits your needs? *
10. Which rate structure would you be able to afford? *
11. All vendors and sponsors would be asked to pay a small yearly Artisan Mercado membership fee ($500 vendors/restaurateur/arts and non-profit organizations and $1000 corporate sponsors) after the first year. Which services or amenities would you like your membership fee to include? Select all that apply. *
12. Add any questions or comments you might have about this project.
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