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Thank you for taking a moment to apply for a scholarship to participate in the OFFICIAL Normalize Breastfeeding Tour!


Scholarships open after the final payments have been received for the location. In an effort to photograph a diverse variation of normal regardless of financial boundaries, you can apply for a scholarship based on financial need. At that time, the scholarship application will be open to receive submissions for one week. After the applications have been reviewed, a maximum of 5 applicants will be selected to receive the "Normalize Breastfeeding" group photo scholarship award. The award includes participation and 1 group image.

If you are military verify with your CAC ID info (CAC ID EXP - 2015 JUL 19.)  If you are an UNEMPLOYMENT/ WIC/CASH AID/FOOD STAMPS recipient verify with your ID/CASE # and your City where you receive benefits.

**Email a photo of your information to for verification purposes.


"Normalize Breastfeeding" Group Photo & Documentary Nursing in Public Group Photo

FREE –  Participation + 1 Group Image

Individual Images Available for Purchase

Non-Commercial Release to Print

Produce-style Breastfeeding Stickers

Photography & Published Breastfeeding Story

Password Protected Digital Download

Model Release Required

10 Years Cloud Storage


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From birth until now. If you are military begin with your CAC ID info (CAC ID EXP - 2015 JUL 19.)  If you are an UNEMPLOYMENT/ WIC/CASH AID/FOOD STAMPS recipient begin with your ID/CASE # and your City where you receive benefits.
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I am a willing participant in the Breastfeeding Awareness Media Campaign for  I give Vanessa A. Simmons permission for my breastfeeding story, photographs, and video taken of the people listed below to be printed and published on the web for promotional and marketing purposes for Candid Perspective Photography. I understand that these photos or video may be viewed by anyone in the world, but no identifying information will be displayed. I, (YOUR NAME), am the parent or legal guardian of the following, child(ren) under 18 years of age, (LIST NAMES OF MINORS) and I give permission for their images to be printed and published.  -  (ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE - YOUR NAME HERE)
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