Is consumerism controlling your Christmas?
Is Christmas consumerism contributing to climate change? Writer Susan Salaz says the effect our celebration of Jesus' birth has on the environment is undeniable.

"Christmas consumerism and its environmental impact have become a tightrope we walk, especially with young kids, and this year I am scared to look down," says Salaz. "We are pushing our planet to its limits for the sake of a few fun parties, and I can’t say that it is okay any more."

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1. I begin Christmas shopping:
2. I am conscious of the environmental impact my Christmas shopping has.
3. I try to limit consumerism during Christmas by:
4. I sometimes struggle to balance expectations of gift giving with the true meaning of Christmas.
5. Christmas gift giving has gone too far.
6. Environmental sustainability is not my biggest concern with how Christmas is celebrated.
7. My parish has addressed consumerism and sustainability during Christmas homilies.
8. Consumerism gets in the way of the true meaning of Christmas.
9. Christmas is about celebrating Jesus and spending time with family and friends and is not an appropriate time to discuss environmental sustainability.
10. I do not enjoy celebrating Christmas because of the focus on consumerism and shopping.
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