European OpenSim Workshop & SimCP Symposium Registration 2018
This is the registration for the OpenSim workshop and the SimCP Symposium. The OpenSim workshop will be followed by the SimCP symposium. The workshop attendees are welcome to attend the symposium. You can register for both or either using this form.

Registration is free for both the workshop and symposium. However, costs for accommodation, travel, lunch, and workshop dinner (optional) are paid by the attendee.

Location: The workshop and symposium are organized on the campus of the Faculty of Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences (KU Leuven), Belgium. Leuven is located 15 min by train from Brussels International airport.

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OpenSim Workshop (November 6-8, 2018): The workshop will focus on getting started with OpenSim for new research projects, including data import and using OpenSim's workflow tools. It is open to beginning and intermediate users. Friedl De Groote, Ilse Jonkers, Luca Modenese, and Mariska Wesseling as well as other OpenSim fellows and experts will lead the workshop at KU Leuven. For more details:
Are you attending the SimCP Symposium? *
SimCP Symposium (November 8-9, 2018): The SimCP consortium will hold a symposium in Leuven to present the outcomes of the SimCP project ( whose main goal was to develop a simulation platform to predict the impact of orthopedic interventions on gait performance in children with cerebral palsy. Invited speakers will also address cerebral palsy from clinical, biomechanical, and modeling perspectives. The symposium will include a hands-on session about the SimCP simulation platform. During this session, attendees will have the opportunity to perform virtual surgeries (e.g., tendon transfer and femur derotation) through a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and observe the impact on the gait performance of the subjects. For more details:
If attending the SimCP Symposium, would you like to present a poster?
Attendees are welcome to contribute to the symposium with posters describing their research. Poster sessions will be organized. Please email a brief (250 words) of your research if you would like to present a poster.
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