Holy Spirit Athletics - Coach Evaluation
To All Parents,

Your child's participation in Holy Spirit Athletics is intended to be a positive and beneficial experience. More often than not, the quality of this experience depends on the relationship between the players and their coaches. This questionnaire is one of the tools we use to improve the performance of our volunteer coaching staffs. Please provide an honest and thoughtful evaluation of your team's coach(es). A summary will be provided to the athletic director, sport coordinator and each coach.

All items with a red asterisk must be answered for a successful submission.

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When answering the following questions, please just consider the head coach. There will be a section later where you can add comments about the assistant coaches.
Communication: Did your coach...
Did your coach provide an opportunity for open communication between him/herself and players/parents? *
communicate his/her coaching philosophy and policies? *
give instruction at the players level of understanding? *
coach with encouragement and criticized only in a constructive manner? *
Additional comments pertaining to communication...
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Leadership: Did your coach...
demand good sportsmanship at all times? *
avoid bickering and confrontation with referees and opposing coaches? *
refrain from using abusive or profane language? *
accept winning and losing graciously? *
Additional comments pertaining to leadership...
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Coaching Skill: Did your coach...
demonstrate an adequate knowledge of the sport? *
distribute playing time in a fair and reasonable manner? *
conduct well organized practices that kept everyone busy? *
improve the team from the beginning of the season to the end? *
Additional comments pertaining to coaching skill...
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Comments and/or feedback pertaining to assistant coach(es)...
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General comments...
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