Union Congregational Church, Magnolia MA, Facility Use Form
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Rules and Conditions
• The Sanctuary is not available for events
• There is no smoking allowed in the church building
• No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the church building or on the grounds
• Gambling is prohibited
• Capacity limitations: vestry - 75    Nursery - 8    Upstairs Classroom - 12
• Building must be vacated by 9:00 PM
• Church related activities have priority over all other building uses
• Arrangements for clean-up and furniture rearrangement must have prior approval
• Placement of decorations must have prior approval
• If storm or other conditions force cancellation (either by you or Union Congregational Church) communicate with one of the Church Contacts listed below.

   Your group is responsible for all clean-up and arrangement of furniture unless an agreement has been made with the church custodian.
   Your group is responsible for segregating recyclables from trash and removal of both unless arrangements have been made with the church custodian.
Vestry - $200      Nursery - $50       Kitchen - $100       Upstairs classroom - $75      Custodial services (upon request)
Church Contacts
Richard Weisenbach (339) 203-1600
Keith Zellman  (617) 659 2631
Paul Rogati  (978) 768 6588
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