Prejudice & Discrimination Reporting Form
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This is an online form for reporting Prejudice Incidents and Discrimination in Aberdeen. These are incidents where someone has been treated unfairly, abused, bullied, harassed, or assaulted (etc.), because of what is called a "protected characteristic" (see question 2 for some examples). Click here ( for instructions and further information. If you would like support to complete this form please phone Grampian Regional Equality Council on 01224 595505 between 10am-4pm, Monday to Friday.

Please note that this form is confidential and your details will not be shared unless you ask us to do so.

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1. Are you: *
2. Which of the following do you think the incident relates to? *
3a) At what location did the incident happen (e.g. playground, café)?
3b) If it was at a school, which school?
3c) In what area did the incident happen (e.g. City Centre)?
4a) When did the incident happen?
4b) What time did the incident happen (approximately)?
5) Please tell us what happened: *
Getting support
GREC provides free and confidential advice, support and counselling services, and can signpost to other specialist organisations.
6a) What do you want to happen now?
6b) Please provide your name, email address and/or phone number:
7) Details of the person targeted (if known)
7a) Age:
7b) Gender:
7c) Ethnic group or background:
If "other", please specify
7d) Religion/belief:
If "other", please specify
7e) Does the person targeted have a disability?
7f) Sexual orientation:
If "other", please specify
7g) Does the person targeted now, or have they ever, identify as trans?
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8) Perpetrator Details (if known)
If there was more than one perpetrator, please answer the following questions for the individual you know the most information about. You can add any information about other perpetrators at question 9 ("Any other information you would like to add")
8a) Age:
8b) Gender:
If "other", please specify
8c) Ethnic origin or background?
If "other", please specify
8d) Religion/Belief:
If "other", please specify
8e) Does the perpetrator have a disability?
8f) Sexual orientation of the perpetrator?
If "other", please specify
Any other information
8g) Has the perpetrator ever identified as trans?
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9. Any other information you would like to add:
Data Protection
Your personal information will be processed fairly and lawfully and in accordance with the principles of the General Data Protection Regulations. The information you provide will be treated confidentially by GREC and personal data will only be shared with another organisation if you provide your consent, or there is risk of serious harm to yourself or another person.
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