Dredze Lab Research Project Application
Application form for a research position in Mark Dredze's lab

Depending on the needs of projects in my lab, I sometimes work with undergraduates or masters students on research projects. These projects can be paid positions or independent studies for credit.

Please complete this form if you are interested in being considered for a position. I will contact you if something becomes available.

Please note that the number of students looking for projects far exceeds the number of available projects.
Name *
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Status *
Major/Department *
Expected departure *
When are you expecting to graduate or defend a thesis => leave JHU?
What classes have you taken, or are currently taking? Please do not include courses you plan on taking in a future semester.
Other courses
You may optionally list other relevant courses (ML classes, applied math and statistics, linguistics, big data processing or parallel programming such as with R. Burns, etc.)
Briefly describe any internship experience
Web Development
List web development platforms you know and relevant experiences. e.g. Jekyll, Django, Php, Flash, Ruby, WordPress, etc.
Social Media Data
Describe any experience you have working with social media data (Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, etc) including accessing the API and processing the resulting data.
Mechanical Turk *
Are you familiar with crowdsourcing platforms like Mechanical Turk?
Data Visualization
Describe any experience you have with visualizing data, such as in developing javascript pages, plots in Python notebooks, etc.
Previous Research Experience
Describe any previous research experience. If the experience was at JHU list the supervising faculty member.
I am interested in *
Which programming languages do you know? *
No experience
How many hours per week can you dedicate to a project? *
Select the best answer
Include links to your website, online portfolio, github, etc. Whatever you think would be helpful.
Brief Statement *
In one paragraph, describe: (1) why you are applying; (2) when you could start; and (3) anything else you think relevant. I often have multiple projects so understanding your interests allows me to better match you to a project.
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