ZQB 2021 Bee & Queen Reservation Form
By filling this form out, your contact info will be placed on the Official ZQB 2021 reservation list. Once submitted, you will be contacted by ZQB farm partner Mark Spitzig to confirm your interest and for further instructions. A minimum 50% deposit will be requested to guarantee your reservation. You can also email him directly at longevibees@gmail.com or call/text his cell at: 505.929.8080. Thanks for your bees-ness! Long live the Bees!
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2021 ZQB Starter Bees: Bred from tested and selected pest & disease resistant, gentle stock. ZQB has been selecting bees for over 20 years and strictly adheres to an extended mating timeline to ensure proven layers and quality rearing protocol. Please indicate quantity in Comment section. Thank you for your beesness! *
2021 Bee Timeline & Pick-Up/Delivery Options: We begin rearing early season queens and packages in late March on the Bay Peninsula Preserve in the Santa Cruz Mountains in Northern California. These first rounds are not ready for review until late April. We anticipate them being ready for pick up in early May. If you are based in Albuquerque or Santa Fe and wanting to schedule delivery, please check which location below. Left unmarked, we will expect you to pick up the bees at our farm base on The High Road to Taos in Vadito, New Mexico. For nucleus colonies, same thing though timing is late May/early June when we anticipate them being ready. *
Comments/Questions? Please list quantity of request and feel free to share below and we will respond to your inquiry via email or phone.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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