Consent Working Group Application Spring 2020 Applications
The Consent Working Group (CWG) is the body within the Berkeley Student Coops (BSC) tasked with providing our membership (residents and boarders) with quality, accessible consent education by giving consent workshops at the units. Each member of the working group will present and help us revise content relating to consent education. CWG's members are compensated at the workshift rate ($16/hr). **Due Friday, December 6, 2019**

About the Group:
The CWG was established Spring 2016 in order to create and facilitate consent peer education in every BSC unit. Over the summer, the group is comprised of one Chair and up to six facilitators. Our group was created with the understanding that consistent, quality peer education around issues of consent, sexual harassment and sexual violence (SHSV), power and privilege are necessary to creating and maintaining cooperative cultures of consent. Collectively, we have now created several workshops based on consent, but remain flexible to cater to different house environments. In fact, maintaining the ability to tailor our workshops to different coop communities is one of our main priorities in education.

About the Position ("consent workshop facilitator"):
- Facilitators are compensated at the BSC work shift rate, $16/hr, and are permitted to work up to 35hrs during the Fall.
- Facilitators will be trained in our workshop curriculum, during a compensated, 5 hour training session at the beginning of each contract period.
- After training, facilitators will be expected to be available for 2-3hrs of work a week. This may include, preparing for workshops with a co-facilitator (1hr), facilitating workshops (1 hr) and attending bi-weekly meetings (1 hr). Facilitators are encouraged to work more than 3 hrs a week if they can, and if enough workshops are available.
- During the Fall, facilitators will be tasked with facilitating, revising and developing new content for our workshops.

The chairs of the CWG and the BSC Member Resources Supervisor will prioritize applicants who demonstrate:
(1) interest in and knowledge about consent (sexual and non-sexual);
(2) interest in and knowledge about anti-oppression education (e.g., intersectionality);
(3) experience with delivering presentations, facilitating workshops or other public speaking engagements;
(4) passion for using peer-education as a tool for creating safer, more inclusive cooperative communities

If you have any further questions, please contact the BSC Cooperative Experience Manager, Victor Saldivar at
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