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Please fill in this form to apply to the Amani Institute's Social Innovation Management, with the next five-month digital editions starting in late January 2022 and August 2022. For more information on the SIM Digital program, kindly refer to our website. Should you have any trouble filling it in, please send an email to with the subject 'Application form issues'.
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Please read this carefully! Tuition fee and financial aid: The real value of this program at global market rates is over $16,000. However, Amani Institute offers it at $4950 because we want it to be as accessible as possible. As an independent social enterprise, we cover the remaining costs through our own consulting and training work and not through other funding. Thus, it is imperative that Amani Fellows invest in their learning to enable us to continue providing a world-class program. Nonetheless, we understand that the tuition fee may still be a barrier for many committed changemakers. As a result, there will be limited financial aid available in extreme cases of need. Please note that any financial aid offered only covers the cost of the Program. We do not sponsor airfare and housing. If you want to apply for additional financial aid to cover the program fee, please write your answer in the box below stating the type and amount of financial aid requested and your reasons for the request. Your reason should be based on both merit and need. Be aware that we might request additional documentation like financial records for yourself and immediate family members during the scholarship decision process. There may also be additional steps like assignments, interviews, and so on. Be aware also that the request for scholarship decreases your chances of getting selected into the program. If you are not requesting financial aid, just write NOT APPLICABLE. *
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